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Chicago Architecture Center

Finalist 2019
Chicago Architecture Center

After 50 years, the CAC had matured into a leading Chicago cultural organization—but the only one without a home. Their new home needed a gateway for Chicagoans and visitors to explore Chicago’s architectural masterpieces while revealing the importance of design and urban planning in Chicago and in cities across the country and around the world.

Luci Creative Designs New Educational Traveling Exhibit

Luci Creative Designs New Educational Traveling Exhibit

In association with a network of civic and educational partners spanning the nation, as well as master planning and exhibit design firm Luci Creative and fabricator Ravenswood Studio, Consortium for Ocean Leadership is very proud to announce the debut of its new traveling exhibit, entitled, "In Search of Earth's Secrets: A Pop-Up Science Encounter." The exhibit debuted recently in Martinsville, Va., where it will run through April. It will then move to New Brunswick, N.J. and Brooklyn, N.Y.

Luci Creative Reimagines Graphic Program for the Field Museum

The Regenstein Halls of the Pacific

Full-service creative agency Luci Creative collaborated with The Field Museum on an exhibit refresh of one of the premier institution’s older exhibits, "The Regenstein Halls of the Pacific." Located in Chicago, The Field Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Luci Creative was tasked with ensuring guests leave the exhibit with an appreciation for artifacts from across the Pacific: from Polynesia to the regions of Melanesia and Micronesia.

Mad for Math

Numbers in Nature exhibit at MSI Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry Chicago uses digital technology and nature’s own graphic language to teach visitors about math.

When the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago conceived its latest permanent exhibit, the design brief was concise and non-negotiable: Create an artful and immersive way for visitors to explore the beauty of mathematical patterns found in nature. And make it cool.

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