Raman Mustafa

Raman Mustafa

Raman Mustafa works as a liaison between artist team and project architects/subs to analyze and produce architectural drawings, identify project goals/objectives, and articulate design opportunities. He helps to review technical drawings to ensure compliance with the design solution. Raman Mustafa prepares schematic design and design development documents.

Raman Mustafa, Designer at Refik Anadol Studio in Los Angeles
Refik Anadol Studio
Los Angeles, CA

WDCH Dreams

Merit Award 2019
WDCH Dreams

Refik Anadol Studio was commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic as part of their centennial celebration. The goal was to create a project that would engage the city and its inhabitants.To make the exterior of Walt Disney Concert Hall “dream,” Anadol utilized a creative, computerized “mind” to mimic how humans dream—by processing memories to form a new combination of images and ideas.

2018 SEGD Xlab - Archive Dreaming: SEGD Best of Show Award 2018

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