Alex Majkowski

Alex Majkowski is a Senior Designer at Prophet in New York.

Experienced Architectural Designer fascinated with the correlation between how the cohesive design of a sequence of experiences can lead to a clear understanding of a larger concept in both the built and digital environment.

Prophet is a consultancy that helps its clients find better ways to grow.

What makes Prophet different is their ability to uncover the underlying needs and motivations of customers and translate those insights into better ideas. Tangible ideas. Transformative ideas. Ideas that inspire.

Alex Majkowski is a Senior Designer at Prophet in New York
New York

Peter Dixon

President of SEGD 2005

As senior partner and creative director of Prophet, Peter brings our clients a unique blend of perspectives as an architect and brand specialist. It translates into an imaginative take on identity, branding, and design, expressed in both high-level thinking and visual representations.

Peter is a 2013 SEGD Board member.

Headshot of Peter Dixon, Prophet
New York, NY


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