Poulin + Morris

Design Disciplines Collide at SEGD's Exhibition & Experience Design Workshop

SEGD Exhibition & Experience Design Workshop

August 21-22 in Washington, D.C.

Today, exhibition design is a convergent discipline that borrows elements from retail store design, interpretive wayfinding, storytelling, media, and interaction design. The creatives who develop immersive, compelling exhibition experiences are just as diverse, hailing from the experience design world as well as web development, technology, science, typography, and brand design.

Poulin + Morris

Poulin + Morris (New York) worked with Alpha Workshops, which is the nation's only non-profit organization that trains and employs HIV-positive individuals in the decorative arts. Staffed exclusively by graduates of its training program, Alpha Workshops is a full-service, award-winning design and decorative arts studio that produces hand-crafted wall paper, lighting, tables, and decorative accessories, as well as provides custom fabrication and finishes.

Poulin + Morris - NPR Commons

Poulin + Morris (New York) shared recent work for NPR Commons located in Washington, D.C. Along with designing a permanent, interactive lobby exhibition and developing a comprehensive environmental graphics, donor recognition, and wayfinding sign program for the new NPR Headquarters in Washington, the firm also created a branding and identity program for the organization's new brick-and-mortar retail store NPR Commons.


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