Portland State University

Jason Franklin

Jason Franklin is the Director of Campus Planning and Design at Portland State University.

Jason Franklin manages the Campus Planning Office and Utilities Management. The Campus Planning Office develops long-range plans, such as the University District Framework Plan and PSU’s ten year capital plan to assess and accommodate the changing needs of the University. In addition, the office conducts feasibility studies and preliminary site plans for potential campus development projects and is responsible for space planning and utilities management.

Jason Franklin is the Director of Campus Planning and Design at Portland State University
Portland State University

2016 SEGD Global Design Awards: Creative Experiential Designs that Communicate

WASHINGTON, DC – In a world that is increasingly complex visually, designers are experimenting with ways to enhance users’ enjoyment of the “real” world with creative experiential designs that communicate. Operating at the intersection of communications and the built environment, the field of experiential design embraces a wide range of disciplines including graphic design, architectural, interior, landscape, digital and industrial design.

Melodee Dudley

Melodee Dudley comes from a long line of illustrators and artists; it was only natural that her passions lay in the arts and design. She began studying fine arts at Portland Community College where she received an associates degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Melodee is currently enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Portland State University and expects to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Fall 2015.

Melodee Dudley
Portland, OR
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