Placemaking and Identity

The Rocky Horror Show

Merit Award
The Rocky Horror Show, Jordan Roth, Rockwell Group

The stage is set up to resemble a run-down, neglected old-time movie palace, a tribute to "B" movies of the fifties, complete with dilapidated theater seats, an art deco chandelier and a richly sculpted proscenium arch. The proscenium splits apart, collapses, and tracks off left and right; the movie seats flip upside down and disappear, and the scrim is pulled down to reveal a distorted metal grid wall in front of the onstage band.

Rockwell Group

San Diego Zoo Store

Merit Award
San Diego Zoo Store, The Zoological Society of San Diego, Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, Schwartz Architects

This store was planned organically, rather than geometrically, with the goal of placing fixtures in a way that would maximize the ratio of sales area to store circulation. The dark, wood-paneled interiors have been replaced with a new palette of off-white wall surfaces. A floating wood slat ceiling incorporating mechanical and lighting fixtures defines a vast horizontal plane in the major retail spaces. Ceilings under adjacent pitched roofs remain open and their wood structures lit to emphasize their dramatic volumes.

Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, Schwartz Architects

Sony PlayStation E3 2001 Exhibit

Merit Award
Sony PlayStation E3 2001 Exhibit, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Mauk Design

This 38,000 square foot exhibit opened and ran for three days. For PlayStation, the objective is always to portray "new" – new games, new platforms, new adrenaline rush. The primary design concept for the 2001 E3 exhibit utilizes an umbrella environment of deconstructivist architecture composed of the faceted polygons used in CG environments. Other influences include origami and Japanese robots.

Mauk Design


Merit Award
Thinkspace, Macquarie Bank, Emery Vincent Design

The project is a series of meeting rooms and a training facility for Macquarie Bank; the goal was to enliven and activate the space to encourage open thinking and communication, and incorporate the bank's values in the design. By branding the space with a unique name, visual identity and total thematic approach, Emery Vincent Design unified the spaces and created the destination "Thinkspace." The theming enables people to escape the constraints of linear thinking common to the banking environment and to transcend into a lateral-thinking mode.

Emery Vincent Design

World Trade Center Memorial

Merit Award
World Trade Center Memorial, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Carrie Helle

This memorial is meant to capture a moment from the morning of September 11, a day that stands strongly in everyone's mind. The beginning of the memorial, essentially "ground zero," was designed so visitors walk through a path of destruction. Obstacles in their way will be life-size sculptures of people running from the towers and helping others, demolished vehicles, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles. There will also be briefcases, cell phones, facemasks, and paper scattered on the ground.

Carrie Helle

Nortel Networks Calgary Campus

Merit Award
Nortel Networks Calgary Campus, Nortel Networks, HOK Visual Communications

Nortel Networks, a wireless telecommunications company, asked for an innovative atmosphere in their R&D facility in Calgary. Located in the Canadian Rockies, the environmental graphics combined wireless imagery and wordplay with a site contextual "outdoorism" that dominated the location's culture, especially the younger tech industry workers employed at this campus.

HOK Visual Communications

AmericaOne Identity

Merit Award
AmericaOne Identity, Vanderbyl Design

In a traditionally tame event with tame graphics, AmericaOne stood out with its snow sport inspired graphics. The client wanted a design that represented the cutting edge technology that goes into the sport. The use of non-traditional colors combined with hull graphics that violate the water line created a visually engaging boat representative of its speed and energy. The identity was carried from boat graphics to clothing/wet gear design to letterhead and website.

Vanderbyl Design

McSquared Restaurant + Zero°

Merit Award
McSquared Restaurant + Zero°, Propp + Guerin

This restaurant and café are located in a historic building in San Francisco's Barbary Coast district. The design challenge was to create graphics that worked with both the bold architectural elements and the traditional brick shell. The combination of the modern façade and bold graphics provides a contrasting foil to the area's more traditional architecture. The design intent was to develop a bold, clear identity to complement the restaurant's strong, modern lines.

Propp + Guerin

Tom Geismar

2002 SEGD Fellow

Tom Geismar is a founding partner of Chermayeff & Geismar and widely considered a pioneer of American graphic design. During the past four decades he has designed more than 100 corporate identity programs. His designs for Xerox, Chase Manhattan Bank, Best Products, Gemini Consulting, PBS, Univision, Rockefeller Center and, most notably, Mobil Oil have received worldwide acclaim.

Tom Geismar, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
New York, NY

Plaza Las Americas

Merit Award
Plaza Las Americas, RTKL Associates

Located in the Hato Rey district of San Juan, Plaza Las Americas shopping center has recently undergone a $210 million renovation and expansion. The design blends the climate, culture, heritage, and plants and flowers of the region into an array of tropical sights, sounds, and experiences in the form of several themed courts. These unique themed environments include a tropical rainforest, flora, fauna, stars, rain, and the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

RTKL Associates


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