DJ Stout

DJ Stout is a sixth generation Texan, born in the small West Texas town of Alpine. He studied graphic design at Texas Tech University, where he was honored as a distinguished alumni. DJ Stout began his graphic design career in 1981 working for Robert A. Wilson Associates in Dallas. In 1987 he moved to Austin, where he was the award-winning art director of the nationally respected and critically acclaimed Texas Monthly magazine.

DJ Stout, Pentagram
Austin, TX

Lindsay Marzulla

Lindsay Marzulla’s art and design work centers on exploring relationships between humans and other animals, as well as issues relating to environmental conversation and animal welfare.

In addition to her creative practices, Lindsay Marzulla is actively pursuing a Master’s degree in Anthrozoology at Canisius College. Marzulla is interested in educational program development and community outreach for nonprofit organization.

Lindsay Marzulla
Richmond, Virginia

Matthew Batista

Matthew Batista is an Experiential Design Director at Asterisk. Asterisk designs integrated brand experiences that build understanding, inspire action, and engage people with one another and their surroundings.

Designer Matthew Batista is skilled in experiential design, signage, brand development, and two-dimensional design. He brings spaces to life by visualizing and creating highly engaging experiences that communicate brands' strengths and attitude.

Matthew Batista

Patricia Miller

A recent graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Patricia Miller earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Design and Visual Communications, General. 

During her time at the University of Oklahoma, Patricia Miller was the treasurer of the school's Graphic Design Association, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and a member of SEGD since 2015. 

Patricia Miller is a Graphic Design and Photography Student at the University of Oklahoma.
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma

Daniel Novak

Daniel Novak is a student at Rocky Mountain college of Art and Design (RMCAD).

Daniel Novak is a Graphic Designer who specializes in:

  • Typography
  • Illustrations
  • Photoshop
  • Photography.


Daniel Novak's areas of specialty are:

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo design
  • Website layout design/UI UX
  • Product design
  • Environmental Design.


Connect with Daniel on LinkedIn.

Daniel Novak is a student at Rocky Mountain college of Art and Design (RMCAD)
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD)

Hillary Rochon

Hillary Rochon is a Student at the Corcoran School of Art at the George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Hillary Rochon has interned at the Hillyer Art Space, The Hamiltonian Gallery and the Dupont Underground.

Hillary Rochon earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree from the Savannah School of Art and Design in Photography and is now studying for her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Exhibition Design.

Connect with Hillary Rochon on LinkedIn.

Hillary Rochon is a Student at the Corcoran School of Art at the George Washington University in Washington, DC
George Washington University
Washington, DC

Lauren Hall

Lauren Hall was brought up in, and continues to work in Seattle, WA. She first developed an interest in design during a digital 3D modeling class in high school. While attending Cornish for Motion Design, she discovered that her real interest was in narrative storytelling in all its forms; film, illustration, branding, etc. She has made short films for several companies around Seattle, including Shunpike, Framework, Seattle Parks Department and Cornish College of the Arts.

Lauren Hall, Cornish College of the Arts
Cornish College of the Arts
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