Yesco (Salt Lake City) hosted Arizona Congressman David Schweikert at its Phoenix facility October 18 in an event coordinated by the International Sign Association.

“We welcome any opportunity to demonstrate first-hand how our industry works to members of Congress,” says Lori Anderson, ISA’s president and CEO. “Rep. Schweikert will learn how sign companies help America’s small businesses market themselves and keep our economy strong.”

Mijksenaar on Wayfinding

Graphic for Paul Mijksenaars Wayfinding at Schipol Airport

Information designer Paul Mijksenaar says too many airport wayfinding systems focus on aesthetics over function, and color-coding is "one of the most-abused forms of wayfinding." Mijksenaar, keynote speaker at the SEGD/ASMN Airport & Transportation Workshop October 3-4 in Phoenix, spoke with eg magazine about his wayfinding app.

You can read the interview here.

Steele Indian School

Merit Award
Steele Indian School, Stantec, Thinking Caps

On the site of the historical Phoenix Indian School, the city of Phoenix has created the Steele Indian School Park. Thinking Caps designed the park signage program which includes native American quotes and verse etched into concrete walls, walkways, and seating elements as well as 24 interpretive columns that line the "Circle of Life" surrounding the historic school buildings. These columns provide historical information about the Phoenix Indian School as it existed for nearly 100 years.

Thinking Caps


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