Jefferson Surface Imaging Program Now Accepting New Degree Candidates

Surface Imaging M.S. Program Now at the New Jefferson

The Surface Imaging program at Jefferson is now accepting new degree candidates for 2018-2019, starting May 14, 2018. This unique graduate program utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art digital printing technologies at the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging. Successful students enrolled in this accelerated one-year program will graduate in August 2019.

Member Post: “What’s Next?” Real World Application for 3D Printing and the Sign Industry

by Keith Davis

The impression I get from most people on the subject of 3D Printing is they all think it's cool, it's probably the future, but honestly most people can’t put their finger on how it actually applies to them. 

Early adopters of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes are discovering a competitive edge in the changing manufacturing industry and I believe that there is a pending shift much closer to home in the sign industry leveraging these same technologies.

Member Post: Two Innovative Solutions for Arizona State University

by L&H Sign Company

A situation was presented from the Arizona State University project, designed by Infinite Scale, with wanting a seamless weld not exposing any assembly hardware for some of their ID signs. This challenge meant we couldn’t grind down the welds because the structural integrity and engineering stamp would need to be valid. L&H Companies had to come up with an innovative way to join two surfaces at 45 degree right angles to create a virtually seamless square weld on the ID signs.


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