Peter Hecht

Peter Hecht

Peter Hecht, PhD, an environmental psychologist, has over four decades of experience in wayfinding systems and behavior in urban public settings. His work covers evidence based design for visitor needs, way-finding, information architecture and organization. This involves system development for users, including special needs groups such as the elderly, those with physical limitations and with limited English proficiency.

Peter Hecht
Cloud Gehshan

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Pavilion

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Pavilion

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This past October, one week before the 2021 SEGD Conference Experience opened in Philadelphia, SEGD member firm Cloud Gehshan (Philadelphia) celebrated the culmination of a six-year-long project to design the wayfinding system for the new Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Pavilion. The project represents a highly collaborative approach between designers, architects and clinicians resulting in a well-integrated and seamless design solution to a complex set of challenges.

Role of Senses and Sensitivity in Placemaking - Peter Hecht, PHD, Jessica Stoffers, and Lauren Harrison


Jessica Stoffers is a Senior Experiential Graphic Designer at IA Interior Architects with a background in brand strategy, experiential graphic design, and wayfinding. Her work spans a variety of industries, including Amazon, Chubb, PayPal, and Bank of America, among others. Jess looks for the intersection of people, cultural, and business objectives to tell compelling visual stories. She is passionate about equipping clients with the tools needed to authentically bring their brands to life.

University of Texas at Austin Wayfinding

Signing the “Model Village” 

A new wayfinding program helps the University of Texas regain its sense of place and open its arms to the Austin community.

“The finest university campuses in the world have always been places—model villages, to borrow Thomas Jefferson’s notion—where communal cohesion and strength are derived as much from the physical experience as from      any philosophy or values that may be espoused.”

--Robert Berdahl, former president of the University of Texas at Austin

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