Peter Haas

Traxys North America Workplace

Finalist 2020
Traxys North America Workplace

A worldwide leader in the metals, minerals and mining industries, Traxys story is brought to life in their 30,000 square-foot Manhattan Headquarters. Upon arrival, guests are welcomed into the space with a digitally enabled mineral specimen display that showcases ten of the most prominent minerals for the company’s business. The scope of the project included interior architectural design, digital experience, signage & wayfinding, interiors programming, and workplace strategy.

Plainsboro Public Library

Branching Out

Hardworking graphics add punch to the community-centered design of the 21st century library.

Think of a public library, and what comes to mind? Perhaps the red-brick blocks of our youth, where fluorescent lighting cast a yellowish glow and anything above a whisper was strictly taboo? Fast-forward to today, and a slew of newly built libraries are conversation starters, awash in natural light, with vibrant colors and patterns beckoning card-holders to linger and explore.

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