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The Andrusko Group specializes in architectural applied arts involving stone materials, with a healthy and liberal appreciation of everything else. Founded by Peter Attila Andrusko in 1990, The Andrusko Group serves to educate architects, landscape architects and designers, EG designers, and general contractors about the many varied product and service capabilities being offered to create space in the built environment.

NIKE—Winged Goddess of Victory

Finalist 2019
NIKE—Winged Goddess of Victory

Few projects or clients could find a more appropriate home for a contemporary interpretation of the iconic ancient Greek sculpture known as the Winged Goddess of Victory or Nike of Samothrace, currently located at the Louvre Museum in Paris. A premier sports equipment and marketing organization headquartered in the Pacific Northwest sought to realize a carved, hard-stone bas-relief interpretation of this eponymous sculpture for their new world headquarters.

Peter Andrusko

Architectural Applied Artist with a specialization in Stone, Wood, Glass & Metal

Principal artisan Pete Andrusko explores the art and science of applied architectural arts in the built environment; principally, but not exclusively - in the most traditional of legacy materials: stone, wood, glass & metals.

Peter Andrusko, Andrusko Group
Andrusko Group
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