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Death in the Ice—The Mystery of the Franklin Expedition

Finalist 2019
Death in the Ice: The Mystery of the Franklin Expedition

The Franklin Expedition left London in 1845 to confirm a Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic. After entering the Arctic, HMS Erebus and Terror disappeared. The Canadian Museum of History decided to curate a comprehensive account of what is considered one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era. Then, early in the exhibition development, Parks Canada found the wreck of HMS Erebus! Artifacts recovered from the wreck went in the show as well, extending the history into the 21st century.

Batoche National Historic Site

Finalist 2017
Batoche National Historic Site

As sesquicentennial celebrations unfold, it is important not to overlook Canada’s pre-Confederation and first nations heritage. This experiential design undertaking is aimed at strengthening ties between the Canadian Government and the Métis Nation—Saskatchewan. At the heart of this history is a land dispute, the source of inspiration for Form Media’s core concept. Our parti focuses on two opposing methods of landholding: a thoughtful linear and river-oriented allotment by a semi-nomadic turned agrarian people versus an unnatural grid-based system imposed on one nation by another.

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