Brandon Walt

Brandon Walts' education and extensive background in the built environment and his personal love of visual communication led him to reorient his career and develop his expertise around wayfinding and environmental graphics.

Brandon Walt, Studios Architecture
Studios Architecture
Paris, France

Optical Illusion Added to IM Pei's Louvre Pyramid then Immediately Destroyed

Artist JR has created a giant 3D optical illusion from paper that imagines the iconic pyramid at the Musée du Louvre in Paris continuing underground, but it has already been destroyed.

Seeing the Better City

Seeing the Better City (image: book cover)

Read Time: 9.5 minutes

While big data, digital mapping and simulated cityscapes are valuable tools, using them without on-the-ground personal observation risks creating places that do not reflect authentic local context—the key to the method addressed in "Seeing the Better City" by Charles R. Wolfe.


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