Pam Caperton

Pam Caperton

Pam Caperton is a Senior Designer at Asterisk Group. Asterisk Group uses the language of design to develop and execute integrated brand experiences that build understanding, activate spaces, inspire action, and engage users in their surroundings.

Pam Caperton is a seasoned designer with expertise in both two- and three-dimensional projects. She uses her well-rounded set of skills to develop brand-appropriate creative concepts and shepherd them through the production or fabrication process.

Pam Caperton
Asterisk Group

Oracle's Austin Waterfront Campus—Art and Graphics Collection

Finalist 2019
Oracle's Austin Waterfront Campus: Art and Graphics Collection

Oracle North America invested in an extensive collection of graphics, art and interactive installations that reflect its commitment to innovation and its ambitious plans for its new Austin campus. Since Oracle often relocates recent college graduates from across the country, Asterisk developed the content-rich program based on the culture, geography and history of Austin and Central Texas.

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