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Turangalila Symphony Mapped Projection

Finalist 2018
Turangalila Symphony Mapped Projection

The city symphony was desperate to revitalize an aging subscriber base with performance events that would engage a younger audience. The artistic director had heard of a concert that combined “animated video” performed with live orchestra. They wanted an original “animated video’ to be performed live and in sync with the symphony’s performance of Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalila Symphonie. This symphony is 75 minutes in length and regarded as one of the most challenging orchestral works to perform; it is also, for many audience members, one of the most difficult to listen to.

Carinne Urrutia

Carinne Urrutia is a Californian grown creative who currently resides in Portland OR. She is studying Communication Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art where she was just awarded a Merit Scholarship.  Carinne Urrutia also has her associates degree in commercial photography as well as a background in theater. In her spare time she enjoys dancing awkwardly while listening to good music with her cat and a tasty IPA. Her ambitions are high and she always strives for excellence. 

Carinne Urrutia, Pacific Northwest College of Art
Portland, OR
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