Kathy Fry

Kathy Fry is the 2020 SEGD Vice President and has served on the SEGD Board since 2016. She is a Principal at Mayer/Reed in Portland, Ore.

Kathy directs visual communications services in the design of signage, wayfinding, interpretive and branded spaces for civic, recreation, transportation, cultural, healthcare, education, mixed-use and corporate settings.

Kathy Fry, Mayer/Reed, Portland Chapter Chair

Anna Hebert

Anna Hebert is a Graphic Design Student at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.

Anna Hebert is a designer seeking to create impactful experiences and physical spaces. She is an experienced Marketing Office Assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and creative businesses. Anna Hebert is skilled in Adobe Suite Programs, MailChimp, Microsoft Office and WordPress. Anna enjoys teamwork, communication, organization, challenging projects, and diversity.

Anna Hebert is a Graphic Design Student at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon.
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Gina Warthen

Gina Warthen is a Senior designer specializing in conceptual design and brand development within physical spaces. She has worked with many companies large and small. From movie theatres to restaurants to sports brands, Gina Warthen has created wayfinding and sign packages from concept to production. She can provide any project management service with the many connections she has nationwide. Gina Warthen prides herself on the ability to bring a clients vision to the next level utilizing the knowledge of materials and fabrication methods she has seen evolve over the years.

Gina Warthen
Gina Warthen Design
Canby, OR

Marguerite Schumm

Marguerite Schumm is a graphic designer who thrives at the intersection of 2D and 3D. Through the use of design, Marguerite enjoys orienting people and connecting them to their environment; whether it be brick and mortar, natural or digital.

Her professional training began at Syracuse University where she studied Industrial & Interaction Design. Always interested in expanding her horizons, she is now pursuing a Studio Certificate in Communication Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA).

Marguerite Schumm
Pinnacle Exhibits
Portland, Oregon

Classic Exhibits

At Classic Exhibits, we design and build exhibits for folks who love trade shows and special events. It's our passion. And it should be. We're in the business of showcasing your products, your services, and your company using stunning graphics and memorable 3D displays.

Aaron Poppie

Aaron Poppie is a sculptor and designer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. With a deep fascination of the natural world and built environment, he investigated many fields of study including architecture, fine art, way-finding and design. Working professionally as a graphic designer, he continues to develop personally as an artist.

Aaron Poppie
Poppie Design

Amri Studio

Amri Studio welcomes opportunities to consult and collaborate with other designers nationwide.

Amri Studio — formerly Wallach Glass Studio — has a 35-year track record of creating award-winning designs for hospitals, universities, corporations, museums, performing arts centers and private collectors. Its clients range from some of America's biggest companies to private parties seeking carved crystal art to enhance the beauty of their homes.


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