Armand Rosario

I am a graduating senior at Kent State University, completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design.

Current lead designer at PoliClique, a social media startup with the aim of bridging politics with community for an ever increasingly active generation of users. Oversaw the UX and UI of the application and service, and created the brand identity for the platform.

Armand Rosario, Kent State
Kent State University
Delaware, OH

Sarah Riedlinger

Sarah Riedlinger is a graduating designer from Kent State University with a celebrity crush on Ewan McGregor. She, therefore, has no qualms with the “Star Wars” prequels and knows all the songs in Moulin Rouge.

Sarah Riedlinger, Kent State
Kent State University
Reynoldsburg, OH

ADEX International

ADEX International is, in a word, singular.

Established in 1978, ADEX International specializes in integrated, interactive, and awe-inspiring 3D environments and exhibits.  Our company mantra is “What It Takes.” This dedication shines through in our projects, the attitude of all our employees, and especially on our customer-focused business model.  When you work with us, we are wholly dedicated to your satisfaction, and we will do everything we can to collaborate with you, and provide a solution that is creative, effective, and tailored to your business needs.

BrianBKelly LLC

BrianBKelly, LLC was founded in 2011 by Brian Kelly, He and his team bring over 50 years of hands on experience to work everyday.  Brian studied Technical Design and Production at the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music.

2020 Exhibits

As a full-service global event marketer, 2020 Exhibits' award-winning team of seasoned event professionals has worked collaboratively with clients worldwide to create engaging and interactive brand experiences, while driving bottom-line success and growth. We have a wide range of award-winning, proven experience to support our clients at every level with consistent, measurable results.

Jason Medrano

Jason Medrano is an Art Director at IdeaBase located in Kent, Ohio. Having graduated as Cum Laude from Kent State University (2015-18), Jason earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the School of Visual Communication Design (VCD).

Jason Medrano
Kent State University

Guide Studio

Guide Studio is a strategic design consultancy that uses wayfinding, environmental graphic design, branding and communications to create purposeful experiences in places with people-traffic. 

Guide Studio believes that experience is the keystone to successful places. As wayfinders, designers, brand and communications experts, we approach each and every project with an understanding of how to create a single seamless experience that is on-brand – from the first visit to your website, to the moment they walk through your door, and the communication that follows. 

Steve Aust

Steve Aust is a Journalist with a collective 18 years of industry experience, and the majority of those years have been specifically focused in Business to Business Journalism covering the Signage and Environmental Graphics field for Signs of the Times. Steve has now transitioned his skillset to working as a marketing professional for Cima Network Inc. where he has been employed for the last two years

Steve Aust has developed specialties over his career including; editorial and promotional content that pertains to signage, vehicle graphics, and environmental graphics.

Steve Aust
Cima Network
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ben Goodman

Ben Goodman is a Principal at Designpath in the Columbus, Ohio Area.

Ben Goodman has experience applying visual communication rigor to graphic solutions for the built environment. Ben is well-versed in architectural and streetscape graphics, wayfinding and information planning, exhibit and sign design and interior design.

Ben Goodman is a Principal at Designpath in the Columbus, Ohio Area.
Columbus, Ohio Area


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