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Reflex Exhibition and Graphics


P-06 creates a reflective exhibition celebrating the centennial of the Portuguese Constitution of 1911.

One hundred years after the Portuguese Constitution of 1911 inaugurated the country’s first republican government, the Portuguese Assembly wanted to celebrate its impact and remind visitors that the Constitution is more than just a piece of paper.

P-06 Atelier (Lisbon) was tasked with creating an exhibition in its honor in the antechamber to the Assembly of the Republic, housed in a 400-year-old neoclassical palace.

Pavilion of Knowledge Graphic Skin

Universal Code

P-06 Atelier creates a shimmery acoustical skin for a new multiuse foyer at Lisbon’s Pavilion of Knowledge.

The Pavilion of Knowledge of the Seas was one of the most emblematic exhibits during the ocean-themed 1998 Lisbon World Exposition. In 1999, Ciencia Viva (“Living Science”) moved its headquarters into the building and it became a permanent interactive science and technology museum called, more simply, the Pavilion of Knowledge (Pavilhão do Conhecimento).

Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers Graphics and Wayfinding

Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers Graphics and Wayfinding

Word Play

Vibrant color and Dada-inspired graphics enliven a French performing arts center.

In the ancient French city of Poitiers—known for its medieval architecture and one of the oldest universities in Europe—the new Theatre and Auditorium of Poitiers provides a contemporary contrast. The 345,000-sq.-ft. cube, with its glowing glass façade, enfolds two box-like containers for theater and musical performances.

P-06 Atelier

P-06 Atelier (Lisbon) recently completed museum projects in Portugal, including Aseptic White, exhibition work for the Pharmacy Museum in Oporto; Refracted Light, an exhibition for the Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon; and environmental graphics, wayfinding, and permanent exhibitions for the Natural History and Science Museum in Lisbon.

P-06 Atelier

photo of SKIN Pavilion of Knowledge

P-06 Atelier (Lisbon) announced that its SKIN Pavilion of Knowledge project, which won an Honor Award in SEGD’s 2011 Design Awards Program, has been recognized with a prestigious Grand Prix award in the Red Dot Communication Design Awards in Essen, Germany. The cut-metal acoustical skin and wayfinding program was designed for Lisbon’s science museum.

P-06 also recently completed an exhibition at the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon celebrating the making of the Portuguese Constitution in 1911, as well as environmental graphics for the Rice Museum in Comporta, Portugal.

Bikeway Belém

Merit Award
Bikeway Belém, Lisbon Seaport (APL), EDP, Lisbon City Hall, P-06 Atelier, Global Landscape Architecture

The goal of the Bikeway Belém project was not only to define and provide wayfinding guidance for the new 7,362-meter bike route along the river Tagus in the center of Lisbon, but to energize the diverse urban spaces that it traverses.

P-06 Atelier, Global Landscape Architecture

Museu Fundação Oriente

Merit Award
Museu Fundação Oriente, JLCG Arquitecto, P-06 Atelier

Lisbon’s new Orient Museum opened in 2008 in a former warehouse. P-06 Atelier developed the museum’s corporate identity, communication display system, and wayfinding system and supports, in addition to a chromatic study of the building, the opening campaign (press, TV, and outdoors), and all communication products including books, tickets, and merchandising.

P-06 Atelier


Honor Award
Reflex, Assembleia da República, P-06 Atelier

REFLEX was an exhibition celebrating the Portuguese Constitution of 1911 and the process behind its making, featuring text excerpts, parliamentary speeches, images, cartoons, and original documents.

P-06 Atelier
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