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YouTube Lobby

Merit Award 2019
YouTube Lobby

YouTube approached the design team, requesting a cohesive lobby experience that would unify the space with their brand. For employees, this area was thought of as a sort of Grand Central Station, a hub that everyone passes through multiple times a day. For visitors, the lobby would likely be the only part of the company that they would be granted access to—and the experience had been perceived by many as anticlimactic.

Design Improv(e)— The Workshop That Gives Back, with Noah Jeppson

Noah Jeppson Leads Design Improv(e) Session

Design Improv(e): Give Back

The Host

Noah Jeppsonhas become known in the Experiential Graphic Design community for spearheading many urban improvement projects. His enthusiasm and spirit of volunteerism is  totally contagious, so it's fitting that he should lead the Design Improv(e) session at the 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle. (Have you registered yet? Let's fix that.)

Noah Jeppson

Noah Jeppson is an experiential graphic designer with over eighteen years of experience. Based in the San Francisco/Sonoma County he focuses on wayfinding, exhibition design, and placemaking projects that shape the way people interact with their surroundings. By Noah creates new experiences that creatively solve communication challenges.

Noah Jeppson, IA Interior Architects
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