In a wide world of wayfinding, we’re guiding people

“Wayfinding and orientation form integral parts of people’s daily lives. We have to find our way through cities, through buildings, along streets and highways, using public transportation etc.. Many times the environment to be navigated is unfamiliar: People are there for the first time and to find a goal without a previously acquired mental map. They depend on external information or knowledge in the world. Such knowledge resides in the environment and is communicated through signs, guidance systems and architectural clues.”

We Vikings

Finalist 2020
We Vikings

The ‘We Vikings’ exhibition, at the Fries Museum in the Netherlands, presents a new outlook on Viking culture and is spread across six exhibition spaces. While the term ‘Viking’ traditionally evokes images of ‘ferocious, blonde Scandinavian warriors who went on raids along the coasts of Europe with big ships,’ recent scientific research has concluded that this vision needed nuancing. The exhibition shifts the classic image of ‘Vikings as invaders’ and instead presents how the close contacts between Frisians and Vikings resulted in a shared North Sea culture.

OPERA Amsterdam, Studio Louter

Wim Crouwel, the Dutch Graphic-Design Legend Who Championed Clarity Above All, Has Died

Designers are mourning the passing of Wim Crouwel, the celebrated Dutch graphic designer who, in word and deed, championed the idea that creating clear, straightforward communications is the profession’s highest purpose.

Designing Smarter Cities Using Computer Game Thinking

Dr. Willem-Jan Renger, head of the Innovation Studio at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, is driving citizen engagement in smart city planning using methods generally seen in computer game creation, as part of an international consortium of cities, IRIS.

Fashion for Good Launchpad Exhibition

Merit Award 2018
Fashion for Good Launchpad Exhibition

The C&A Foundation engaged Local Projects to create their launchpad exhibition about sustainable fashion, designed with sustainable materials aimed at enabling the widespread adoption of good fashion practices. Based in Amsterdam, this temporary exhibition was brought to life in just eight weeks, from concept to installation—in advance of the final exhibition to come in 2018.


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