Rick Bortles

Rick Bortles, Vice President Global Channel Sales of NanoLumens, has been a leadership figure in sales management in the technology circuit for over 30 years, serving as CEO of Elcom and on the advisory boards for Intel, IDT, and Craig Research Group. Rick furthers the NanoLumens brand by establishing channel and partner connections, and managing their partner program and channel team. Rick is known around the office for his love of jelly beans and acronyms.

Rick Bortles, NanoLumens

Rick Cope

The founder and CEO of NanoLumens, Rick Cope is the embodiment of entrepreneurial spirit in the digital signage space. Following his time as a Combat Commander in the U.S. military, Rick has spent over 25 years in the industry thriving in a variety of leadership roles for NanoLumens, during which time he guided NanoLumens in innovating the industry’s only truly curved LED display.

Rick Cope, NanoLumens


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