Multi-media designer

Stephen Platenberg

Stephen Platenberg is a principal and creative director at Cortina Productions. He provides creative media design, technical knowledge and problem solving leadership to develop and deliver emotional and experiential media experiences. Building upon Joseph Cortina’s sports broadcast background, Stephen has made Cortina Productions the “go to” media company for sports-related visitor venues and halls of fame.

Stephen Platenberg, Cortina Productions
Cortina Productions
Washington, DC

Mindy Alvarez

Mindy Alvarez is currently a multi-media designer at RDG Planning & Design.

Before joining RDG Planning & Design she owned and ran M-Design, a full service marketing, social media and design agency for 12 years. Mindy Alvarez has previously held positions as designer, art director and account management with Lessing-Flynn Advertising, Sammons Securities and the Des Moines Register.

Mindy Alvarez has won numerous awards for her work including 3 gold's and a Best in Show and has earned a B.A Graphic Design degree and MBA degree.

Mindy Alvarez, RDG Planning & Design, M-Design
RDG Planning & Design
Des Moines, Iowa

Jessie Rubenstein

Jessie Rubenstein is an exhibition and multimedia designer at Marks + Spaces. Her previous experiences include MetLife, Krent/Paffett/Carney Inc., and Hyde Park Art Center.

Jessie Rubenstein uses interactive storytelling to create brand experiences, exhibitions and interactive media for museums, corporations, universities, and non-profits. Blending an academic background in psychology and interior architecture with professional experience in exhibition and program design, she creates innovative, content driven designs that speak to diverse audiences.

Jessie Rubenstein
Marks + Spaces
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