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Joe Zenas

Joe Zenas is a past board member of SEGD and the Chief Executive Officer of Thinkwell.

Joe joined Thinkwell in 2003 and is the Thinkwell principal responsible for leading the direction of the company and new growth opportunities, corporate strategies, strategic alliances and intellectual property partnerships. Joe is also the executive producer for numerous projects including:

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Eli Kuslansky

Eli Kuslansky is a Founding Partner and Chief Strategist at Unified Field, a pioneering and award-winning multi media interactive software firm. He specializes in design technology, digital communications, immersive responsive environments, and integrated omni-channel media programs. With more than twenty years experience in the industry, he has managed the conceptualization and integration of advanced technology based systems in design communications for a variety of design firms and software companies.

Headshot of Eli Kuslansky of Unified Field
Unified Field
New York, NY

Courtney Mahon

Courtney Mahon is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BFA in Visual Communication. She grew up learning, studying, and actively pursuing photography, but it wasn't until college that she was exposed to the awesomeness of graphic design. To her, design is about being intentional, creating conversation, and telling a story. She believes design is always relevant, always changing, and always awesome.

Courtney Mahon worked as as a designer and editor at Randy Coleman Photography. She currently works at Laurel & Wolf as a designer.

Courtney Mahon, University of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Jones, OK

Rachel Esteffe

Rachel (Fujita) Esteffe is a LA based graphic designer, photographer and educator specializing in Experiential Design. She has been blending varying forms of storytelling, design strategies, interactive technologies, UI and UX methodologies for over a decade. Rachel holds a MFA in Computer Art (Motion + Interaction) from SVA and a BA in Visual Arts (Film, video, photography) from Fordham University. She also served as Creative Director of her former collaborative design studios, hyaline and FM Collaborative.

Art Center College of Design
Los Angeles, California

John Murphy

John Murphy is Creative Director of Solid Light, Inc. John Murphy’s career has taken him around the world, back in time, into the future, and under the sea. With more than 25 years of experience designing and directing high-level media experiences for distinguished museums like the National Constitution Center, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and the World of Coca-Cola, John possesses the skills, style, and sensibilities to tell great stories in three-dimensional spaces.

John Murphy, Solid Light Inc.
Solid Light
Louisville, KY

Ji Hea Kim

With a BFA in Visual Communication and Multimedia/Animation Design and an MFA in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design, Ji Hea Kim works every day to transform exhibit spaces and create design atmospheres that get people talking. In 2013, she won both the Museum Exhibition Planning & Design Award and the Museum Study Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Ji Hea Kim, Solid Light Inc
Solid Light
Louisville, KY


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