Andrew Devich

Andrew Devich is a Graphic Designer at the 106 Group in Minneapolis.

106 Group connect people + Place + Time. They are an award-winning firm with a passion for history and culture. For over 25 years, we’ve developed innovative ways to document resources and uncover powerful stories.

The 106 Group has a company-wide commitment to preserve history and culture. It is the connecting thread that weaves through their diverse portfolio of projects that makesthems proud to do what they do.

Andrew Devich is a Graphic Designer at the 106 Group in Minneapolis


As a leader in the design and fabrication of retail fixtures, displays and stores, Chandler creates retail store environments for your brand to live in. From custom fixtures to multiple store roll-outs, we deliver quality materials, skilled craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail for leading brands like Best Buy, Sony, The Home Depot, Anderson Windows, Target Corp., Under Armour and Whole Foods Market. We provide full-service design, 3D rendering, engineering, manufacturing, project management, logistics and installation solutions.

Kailey Erdahl

Kailey Erdahl is a student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.

Kailey Erdahl is a graphic design student and part-time photographer. Her inspiration is fueled when she comes across a great color combination, an intricate line illustration, an eye-catching layout, or a photograph rich in emotion. Kailey Erdahl is intrigued to learn more about the art of brand development, storytelling, web design, and photo journalism.

She is also a part time Photographer at the Big Ten Network and a Graphic Intern at Tapestry Magazine where she is responsible for:

Kailey Erdahl is a student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Ronda Barthel

Ronda Barthel is a Senior Healthcare Sales Executive at TouchSource, an exciting company in digital directory and information systems that specializes in electronic directories, public information kiosks (both the static touch screen kiosk) and and digital signage solutions. Ronda is an experienced sales professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in Healthcare Consulting, Medical Devices, Healthcare Industry, Physician Relations, and Team Building. 

Ronda Bartha
Minneapolis, MN

Shelly Rosett

Shelly Rosett is a lighting consultant for LightArt. After a rewarding 20 year career as an Art Consultant in the Minneapolis area, Shelly joined LightArt in 2016 and has never looked back. LightArt, a 3form company, is a custom lighting fabrication and design studio in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. The work of the Seattle studio is an ever-evolving tale of innovation, creative exploration, and endlessly variable custom lighting creations.

Shelly Rosett

Kathy Wilson

Kathy Wilson is a Vice President of Sales & Marketing at the Advance Corporation in the Minneapolis St. Paul area.

Kathy Wilson has been with Advance Corporation for the past 27 years.

Kathy Wilson was educated at the Luther College.

Kathy Wilson, VP Sales & Marketing, Advance Corporation, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nhi Nguyen

Nhi Nguyen is a recent graduate of Minnesota State Mankato who is interested in environmental graphics. She had studied architecture before she transferred to a graphic design major. Nhi wants to broaden her knowledge in a variety of topics such as branding, printmaking, book-making, and motion graphics. She has a technique skill as an architect and an artist eyes as a graphic designer. Her design is focusing on eco-friendly, sustainable materials, and overall craftsmanship.

Nhi Nguyen

Sandy Schichel Swanson

Sandy Schichel Swanson works for 3M Commercial Solutions Division in St. Paul.

3M Commercial Solutions Division delivers a full suite of solutions for branding in the environment. 3M’s expertise has earned the SEGD Arrow Award three times for its quality of products, as well as for advancing technologies in environmental graphic design.

Sandy Schichel Swanson, Marketing Manager, 3M, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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