Amy Kaye

Amy Kaye is the founder of Minnepolitan Design Studio, a multi-disciplary studio with a focus on developing thoughtful strategy and purposeful design.

Amy Kaye headshot
Minnepolitan Design Studio
Minneapolis, MN

Betsy Vohs

Betsy Vohs is the CEO and Partner of Studio BV, 

Betsy Vohs founded Studio BV in 2015 in order to dedicate her ideas and energy to clients who want transformational design solutions. Transformational design comes from investigating the places, contexts, and people that will be shaped by the design. How people feel, what they touch, how they interact — these human experiences are central elements of design.

Betsy Vohs, CEO of Studio BV
Studio BV
Minneapolis, MN

Bonnie Higgins

Dr. Bonnie Higgins joined Bemidji State University’s (BSU) College of Business, Technology and Communication in August of 2002. She is a Professor in the Department of Technology, Art & Design and is currently serving as the Chair of the Department.

Dr. Higgins teaches Art & Design courses with a focus on Exhibit Design.  Courses taught include: Principles of Design, Photography, Intro to Exhibit Design, Exhibit Design Tradeshow and Advanced Exhibit Design.

Bonnie Higgins, Professor at Bemidji State University
Bemidji State University
Bemidji, MN

Chris Haar

Chris Haar is an Environmental Graphic Designer with a focus on sign and display manufacturing. His expertise lies in generating original concepts, as well as collaborating with other designers to integrate manufacturing capabilities into designs. Haar specializes in Wayfinding design and execution, Branding, Visual Identities, ADA sign code, and Project Management.

Chris Haar
Greater Minneapolis - St. Paul Area

Gretta Renae & Co.

Gretta Fry is a creative who wears many hats but at the end of the day, consistently helps clients clearly communicate.

She manages design projects, work-flow, and expectations with positive client and team connections. The extensive graphics expertise give her clients confidence in making informed decisions that best serve them and their purpose. Gretta’s design experience, honed skill set, and detail-oriented vision compliment forward-thinking clients and dynamic solutions.

Advance Corporation

Advance Corporation was founded in 1941 by William F. Lorenz as a manufacturer of flexographic products and quickly earned a reputation for quality, service and innovation serving major manufacturing and service companies. It was during these early years that the company developed a special engraving process that eventually would be the catalyst for entrance into the award market.

Yee Vang

Yee Vang is a Recent Graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Design Intern at 3M.

Yee Vang is a Graphic Designer who is interested in UX Design based in Minneapolis. Many of her inspirations come from her Hmong heritage. Yee Vang grew up watching her mom embroider intricate Hmong patterns. She also like batik design and motifs of any sort. Yee Vang is most intrigued by the process when it comes to design.

Yee Vang is a Recent Graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Design Intern at 3M.
University of Minnesota
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Stevie Lacher

Stevie Lacher is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, MN currently working for Medibio Ltd. as a Graphic Design Intern.

Stevie Lacher is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. She’s goal driven and eager to continue expanding her knowledge across web and print platforms. Stevie Lacher would love to learn from and contribute to a professional community that shares her love for creativity and design.

Stevie Lacher is a Graphic Design Intern at Medibio Limited in Minneapolis.
Medibio Limited
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul

Dana Strachan

Dana Strachan in a Recent Graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Graphic Designer for Great Clips Inc. in Minneapolis.

Dana Strachan is a Minneapolis based Graphic Designer. She is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Design, with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Retail Merchandising minor. Currently she is working as a gRaphic Designer for Great Clips Inc. Prior to this position, she worked as a Graphic Designer for the Student Unions and Activities marketing department at the University of Minnesota.

Dana Strachan in a Recent Graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Graphic Designer for Great Clips Inc. in Minneapolis.
University of Minnesota


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