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W Landmark at the University of Washington
An Unexpected ‘W’ at The University of Washington

How an unbuilt project, a chance conversation and a thumbnail sketch led to an iconic landmark and an unexpected social media flurry for Michael Courtney Design and the University of Washington.

Michael Courtney Design thank you card
Michael Courtney Design Wins Accolades

Two of the creative industry’s leading publications, Graphis and Graphic Design USA, have recognized Michael Courtney Design with multiple awards for promotional pieces and branded experiential graphics systems.

michael courtney website
New Website for Michael Courtney Design

The website makes it easy to discover new work and portfolio favorites: “Easter Eggs” for a Fortune 100 company’s new neighborhood, a project using 16 different languages, the most powerful communication tool in a branding kit of parts, and one very large selfie magnet for an international hotel.

A Clear Path—University of Utah Wayfinding

A deceptively simple user orientation strategy and directories enriched with maps, building photos and campus stories form the basis of a master plan that gives the sprawling University of Utah campus a long lasting, authentic-to-place wayfinding and signage system.

Washington State Convention Center Wayfinding (Michael Courtney Design)
Washington State Convention Center Offers a Warm Wayfinding Welcome

After 30 years of patchwork facility expansions and Frankensteined signage, wayfinding at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle needed a new vision. Michael Courtney Design created a friendly and cohesive “concierge” wayfinding program that elevates the guest experience for more than 400,000 annual visitors. The program greets and guides them with a warm welcome, a clean and consistent design language and flexible digital components.

Wayfinding, South Lake Union, Seattle (Michael Courtney Design)
Wayfinding Easter Eggs in Seattle’s South Lake Union

Michael Courtney Design’s long-time client—a Fortune 100 tech company—had begun building a neighborhood in Seattle’s revitalized South Lake Union area. They needed a wayfinding system to guide an eventual 27,000 employees to offices and amenities in a 30-sq.-block area. And they had two requirements: Don’t use our name on the signs, but do add “Easter eggs,” moments of surprise and delight, to the wayfinding. Grab your basket, we're going hunting.

Michael Courtney Design

Michael Courtney Design (MCD) is a Seattle-based design and brand alignment firm developing experiential graphics, identities, print and digital solutions.

Michael Courtney Design clients range from Fortune 100 companies to emerging businesses and represent a wide spectrum of categories: health care, business-to-consumer, real estate, professional services, hospitality, entertainment, retail, higher education and cultural, arts and civic institutions.

Michael Courtney's Sketchbook
Michael Courtney's Sketchbook

“Sketches don't have to be perfect. They just have to get the idea across.” I sketch in meetings, at my desk and on planes. For some reason, classical and chamber music concerts really get me thinking, so I always take a few blank 3x5 cards and a pen so I can discreetly sketch if the mood strikes me.

Western Washington University students visit Michael Courtney Design
Michael Courtney Design Hosts WWU Students

Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) hosted a group of senior graphic design students from Western Washington University and put their creative talents to the test with a secret project.

Frances Terry, Senior Designer and Project Manager, Michael Courtney Design
Frances Terry

Frances Terry is a Senior Designer and Project Manager at Michael Courtney Design with 15+ years of experience in graphic design with an extensive background in environmental graphic design, exhibit design, print and web graphics. Frances Terry has extensive experience from concept to completion for multi-million dollar new construction wayfinding and code signage including planning, design, construction documentation, fabrication supervision and construction administration.

Michael Courtney
Michael Courtney

Michael Courtney is Principal-in-Charge and Creative Director of Michael Courtney Design, Seattle.

Cornell University Stocking Hall
For the Fun of It: 8 Ways to Add Play to Branded Environments

When Calori & Vanden-Eynden was asked to create graphics for Cornell University’s newest campus facility—a dairy plant added to an existing academic research lab—they decided to have some fun with it. The CVE team covered blank walls with cow spots, creating what one observer calls a “Rorschach meets rawhide” aesthetic that manages to be both witty and sophisticated. CVE identified the building itself with a giant sculptural milk bottle.

Bon Appetit!

Michael Courtney Design designed this logo and a menu for a group of cooking enthusiasts in Seattle who jokingly call themselves “the Gourmet Club.”

Photo of the Everett Clinic identification sign
Michael Courtney Design client wins award

Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) announced that its clients, the Everett Clinic and ZGF Architects, won a 2013 National Healthcare Design Award from the American Institute of Architects for The Everett Clinic Smokey Point Medical Center in Marysville, Wash.

Photo of the Everett Clinic identification sign
Michael Courtney Design completes 14th Everett Clinic

Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) has worked with The Everett Clinic since 2005, implementing brand alignment strategies and designing marketing and communication tools. The firm recently completed work on the 14th and newest Everett Clinic in Smokey Point.

Michael Courtney Design new identity for Andrews Landscape Architects

Michael Courtney Design (Seattle) designed the identity for Dave Andrews’ new firm Andrews Landscape Architects.  As the firm’s blog notes, “Landscape Architecture is a competitive professional field, with dozens of firms in our area. Studying their marketing communications, we saw most firms using a simple type treatment as a wordmark, or plant based images (trees, leaves, grasses) as part of a logo.

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