Michael Courtney

2018 Podcast | Designing Donor and Story Walls

Designing Donor Recognition and Story Walls

What you will learn
Sharing the design process and client engagement methodology for creating the appropriate strategy, visual system, material application, and integration signage that can be thoughtfully planned and installed at visitors centers, museums, corporate environments, campuses and educational facilities.

Learn the design process for developing effective donor recognition and story walls for your clients.


Questions answered:

Wayfinding Easter Eggs in Seattle’s South Lake Union

Wayfinding, South Lake Union, Seattle (Michael Courtney Design)

Michael Courtney Design’s long-time client—a Fortune 100 tech company—had begun building a neighborhood in Seattle’s revitalized South Lake Union area. They needed a wayfinding system to guide an eventual 27,000 employees to offices and amenities in a 30-sq.-block area. And they had two requirements: Don’t use our name on the signs, but do add “Easter eggs,” moments of surprise and delight, to the wayfinding. Grab your basket, we're going hunting.


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