Henrik Voss

Henrik Voss is a Managing Director at Modulex US Corporation, the global leader in communication solutions for the built environment. He is a marketing professional, ambitious and performance-driven, coupled with an insatiable appetite for all things that will move the world in the future. Henrik is hard working and energized; he lives by deadlines, all within the focus of solving customer expectations. Henrik has a very good understanding of how communication influence customer relations.

Henrick Voss
Modulex UK Limited
Cancun, Mexico

René Ruiz

René Ruiz is an Associate and Creative Director at IDEE Diseño in Zapopan, Mexico, an experience design and communication firm that offers integrated, creative, comprehensive and strategic solutions, conceived by our multi-disciplinary team, exceeding the expectations and needs of our customers, their products and their audiences .

René Ruiz
IDEE Diseño
Zapopan, Mexico

A Oaxacan Immersion - “Food & Identity in Oaxaca”

A Oaxacan Immersion - “Food & Identity in Oaxaca”

Read Time: 3 minutes, 30 seconds
Murmur Ring curates immersive experiences and believes that the only way to connect is to disconnect. In such a digitally connected world, there is a deep need to experience things in real life, to touch things, interact, see things, and exchange ideas in the tangible world. Murmur Ring CEO Ashley Lukasik curates these immersions both for client partnerships as well as independent immersions to connect a range of partners to a commonality of a region.

Norberto Miranda Creates Inflatable Bean Galleries for Traveling Exhibit in Mexico

Mexican designer Norberto Miranda has designed inflatable structures that look like massive beans to host an exhibition that celebrates the traditions and intersection of Mexican gastronomy, music and culture.


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