Alwyn Brownewell

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston

Alwyn Brownewell is a positive, well-rounded designer who is passionate about creating meaningful designs that impact my community.

Alwyn Brownewell currently lives in Houston, TX with her husband Matt and their pup named Katsu. When she’s not designing, Alwyn enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and eating lots of food with family and friends.

Alwyn earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in GRaphic Design from the University of Houston, graduating in 2018.

Alwyn Brownewell, Core Design Studio, Houston
Core Design Studio
Houston, TX

Jessica Schultz

Jessica Schultz leads the Experiential Graphic Design practice at Shive-Hattery, a 400 person full service architectural firm.

Over the last three years, Jessica Schultz has built the department from the ground up into a four person team. Jessica Schultz is passionate about the way that design and space can drive behavior and emotion and ultimately influence change.

Jessica Schultz, Environmental Graphic Designer at Shive-Hattery in Chicago

Ali Ucci

Ali Ucci is an Associate and the graphic design manager at SMMA, a A/E design firm in Cambridge, MA. She received her BS in Printing from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and moved on to earn her MFA in Graphic Design, also from RIT.

Ali Ucci's first role out of school was exhibit graphic designer for a children's museum in CT, Stepping Stones Museum for Children. At Stepping Stones, she helped design and install numerous hands-on, interactive learning exhibits for children under the age of 12, with themes ranging from energy conservation to construction.

Ali Ucci, SMMA

Martine Murray

Martine Murray brings strong analytical skills and out-of-the-box thinking to every project that crosses her desk.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Concordia University and a certificate in management from McGill University, Martine Murray took on administrative and customer service positions before combining those skills in her role as project coordinator for SH.

Martine Murray, Alto & Folia at SH
Alto & Folia by SH

Riya Mathew

Riya Mathew is member of the dynamic and passionate EGD team at EYP in Atlanta, Georgia.
Riya Mathew has developed a deep interest in the complex but fascinating world of experiential graphics / wayfinding. Simplifying complex scenarios through a systematic approach of problem solving is a challenge she looks forward to accomplishing. 

Riya Mathew, EYP

Erika Montreuil

A dedicated dog-mom who enjoys adventures in the great outdoors, Erika Montreuil understands the practical importance of wayfinding design and works with her clients on projects that guide and inspire people in cities, parks and beyond.

Erika is a project manager at SH who works closely with her team to deliver unique and innovative solutions for customizable surface materials, quality architectural elements and signage.

Erika Montreuil, The SH Group
Alto & Folia by SH
Huntingdon, QUE

Melanie Daigle

A strategist, problem-solver and true believer in her team, Melanie is committed to building a company where creativity and sustainability guide innovation.

Leading the team with her boundless energy and dedication to SH, Melanie Daigle brings over 20 years of business management experience to her official role as Graphics team leader and unofficial role of company pack leader.

Melanie Daigle, ALTO & FOLIA by SH
Alto & Folia by SH
Huntingdon, QUE

Isabelle Bourgeois

Persuasive, detail-oriented and driven to succeed, Isabelle doesn’t give up until the job is done.

In her daily work as SH’s account manager, Isabelle Bourgeois is dedicated to finding ways to bring projects to life, whether it’s for a large architectural firm or a community-based organization.

Isabelle Bourgeois, ALTO & FOLIA by SH
Alto & Folia by SH
Huntingdon, QUE


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