Danielle Amaral, Studio Director, Second Story Interactive Studios, Portland

Danielle Amaral is the Studio Director at Second Story Interactive Studios in New York. Second Story is a part of the Sapient Nitro group.

Danielle Amaral says "I’m a Producer, I get excited and make things. With over 15 years of experience orchestrating the strategic development and production of award winning global campaigns across all digital platforms, television, film, mobile, and environmental design. I've collaborated with thinkers, makers, and art lovers, to create moving images for some of the world’s biggest brands, and few you have not heard of yet."

Andrea Guzman, GNU Group

Andrea Guzman is Director of Program Management at GNU Group with 17 years of experience, developing, planning, managing and implementing design and construction projects for healthcare organizations and real estate developers. As the senior program manager for healthcare assignments, Andrea Guzman has been key in stewarding dozens of large scale, multi-faceted projects. She leads the GNU Group’s Healthcare Studio’s program management team.

Bill MArquet, General Manager, Design Communications Ltd. Orlando

Bill Marquet is the General Manager for Design Communications Ltd. Orlando operation.

Bill Marquet has been with Design Communications Ltd. since 2007. He joined as an Operations Manager and became General Manager of the Orlando operation in 2013.

He graduated from the College of Mount St. Saint Joseph

Connect with Bill Marquet on LinkedIn.

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Philip Murphy, GNU Group

In his 22 years as the President and CEO of GNU Group, Philip Murphy has had the chance to fully develop the four-person Leadership Team that represents the next generation. Managing a creative practice is its own on-going design assignment and Phil has relished the opportunity to evolve the firm.  However, his focus throughout his career has been adding to the efficacy of how people experience the built environment- particularly how they find their way.

Philip Gilmore, Gilmore Group

Philip Gilmore is a New Business & Marketing Associate at Gilmore Group, a multidisciplinary design and branding firm specializing in branding, design, and media with a passion for developing experiences that are high-impact, memorable and stimulating.

Kenan Hanhan, Gemini

Kenan Hanhan is the Vice President, Marketing at Gemini, a family owned company and an industry leader with over 50 years of sign product manufacturing experience, including dimensional letters, logos, plaques, and industrial plastic sheet stock.

Douglas Fixell, Dimensional Communications

Douglas Fixell is the president and managing partner of Dimensional Communications. Since 1963, Dimensional Communications plans, designs and fabricates engaging, immersive exhibits for trade shows, corporate events, museums, retail and broadcast.

Jason Barak D3 LED

Jason Barak, Managing Partner (Business Development + Marketing) for D3 LED, a global technology company that designs, engineers and manufactures turnkey LED digital display and lighting solutions.

Jon Davis, Cushing

Jon Davis is a marketing manager at Cushing, a leading print and digital communications firm offering a wide variety of services.

Jeff Braaten, Creo Industrial Arts

Jeff Braaten is an Account Executive with Creo Industrial Arts, a premier fabricator of environmental graphics and custom architectural signage.


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