Ellen Richardson, HealyKohler Design
Ellen Richardson

Ellen Richardson is a Senior Designer at HealyKohler Design, a multidisciplinary firm which brings together a creative team of exhibit designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, media system designers, interpreters and project managers to create interpretive experiences for museums, cultural institutions and visitor centers.

Fletcher Hamel, Atmosphere Studios
Fletcher Hamel

Fletcher Hamel is the Director of Interiors at Atmosphere Studios, a growing design/build firm based in Salt Lake City.  After an extensive EGD career at both Dimensional Innovations and Infinite Scale, he is working to elevate the creative profile and design offerings of Atmosphere Studios. He brings a wealth of design and business experience, having been creatively involved in the production of a variety of large projects throughout the environmental design industry.

Katie Maxfield, Creative License Intl.
Katie Maxfield

Katie Maxfield leads the Art Department at an interior design firm, Creative License, that specializes in branded sales environments. She has been instrumental in the development of environmental graphics for land developers and home builders alike. The Creative License team is known for their ability to seamlessly integrate marketing material into any space they design since we have interior designers, graphic designers and craftsmen collaborating on all spaces from conception to completion.

Josh Sweazy
Josh Sweazy

Josh Sweazy started at Site Enhancement Services in 2004 as a graphic designer creating "brandbooks" for many national accounts. These "brandbooks" provided photo-realistic representation of how a building or property would look upon completion, including code information, recommended branded elements, and approval processes. Josh continued his growth within Site Enhancement Services where he split time between design and zoning specialist performing sign variances, permit expediting and project management.

Anais Mares, ArtHouse Design
Anais Mares

Anaïs Mares’ work is characterized by her proclivity for strategy and practicality, coupled with high creative inclination.

Julian Sin, Gould Evans
Julian Sin

Julian Sin is a co-chapter of the Phoenix Chapter.

Julian Sin is an associate with Canary, a Gould Evans studio. She received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design a Bachelor of Arts in Structural Engineering & Sculpture from the University of Arizona.

Trish Nhan
Trish Nhan

Trish Nhan is a co-chair for the Phoenix Chapter.

Trish Nhan is a graduate student in Visual Communication Design at Arizona State University with undergrad in Landscape Architecture. Her interests are in exhibit design, window display, experience design, set design, film, and amusement park design.

Aaron Hilst
Aaron Hilst

Aaron Hilst is adept at transforming complex information into succinct and effective design solutions.

Gillian Brunning, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
Gillian Brunning

Gillian Brunning is a student at The Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology. She is scheduled to receive a Bachelor of Interior Design in 2017. Gillian previously eared a Project Management Certificate and a degree in Journalism, Print and Broadcast from Humber College. She is also a corporate communicator and construction project coordinator at St. Joseph's Health Centre in Toronto.

Bill Thiemann, Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design
Bill Thiemann

Bill Thiemann is the Managing Director, Creative Services at Kolar Design

He is a branding and marketing communications expert with diverse CPG, service brands and agency experience. Bill Thiemann has a proven track record of building enduring, trust-based client relationships which result in consistent business growth.


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