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Shane Hendry

Shane Hendry is a designer with Media Objectives. Media Objectives is an interdisciplinary design studio uniquely housed within Valerio Dewalt Train, an award-winning architectural firm based in Chicago, San Francisco, and Palo Alto.

Shane Hendry, Media Objectives
Media Objectives
San Francisco

Marissa Betley

Marissa Betley is a Brand Strategist & Designer at Media Objectives @ Valerio Dewalt Train. She received a Master’s Degree in Branding and a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design from La Roche College. Marissa’s multifaceted background in brand strategy, interior design and marketing with a key eye for detail come together to deliver experiences that are equally as strategic as they are captivating.

Marissa Betley, Media Objectives
Media Objectives

Media Objectives

The environment in which we live, work and play allows for experiences that transition between the digital world and its architectural counterpart. This realization and the need to offer broader services led to the formation of Media Objectives, an embedded experiential design studio at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates.

222 Java Corners

2018 Finalist
222 Java Corners

In response to this tech company’s increasing need for flexibility and personality within their workspaces, the design team developed a strategy for this unique campus that could evolve with its users as business units changed and the workplace evolved. Exploring advertising billboards as inspiration, the team developed a structural vocabulary with abstracted trusses to create broad and continuous surfaces along primary circulation axes. The billboard as metaphor pays tribute to the client as the pioneering force in online advertising.

New Talent 2018: Joe Lawton’s Growing Studio Is a Hybrid of Graphic Design and Architecture

With a passion for environmental graphics, designer Joe Lawton has built a practice dubbed Media Objectives (M-O) within the architecture firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates (VDTA).

Media Objectives Honors a Bright Past at NEWCITY

NewCity by Media Objectives

The team created an installation made of three structures, each constructed of glazed bricks salvaged from the original YMCA. The front of each of the three segments references the original building’s façade, while the back of each segment features a mosaic of the different colored bricks, symbolizing the YMCA’s role in bringing “two worlds” together—a grounding concept behind the architecture of the original building.

SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center Donor Recognition

Merit Award 2016
SAIC LeRoy Neiman Center Donor Recognition

To honor donors and Board of Trustees members for their investment in the college, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago commissioned Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train to create an engaging donor wall in the main lobby of the new LeRoy Neiman Center. Inspired by the school’s core values—rigor, experimentation, playfulness and invention—the team designed a donor recognition element that is itself a work of art.

Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train


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