May 2017

Unified Field and Neurosociety Win the Jim Blackaby Memorial Muse Award

Neurosociety with David Byrne and Unified Field

The American Alliance of Museums has awarded Unified Field the prestigious Jim Blackaby Memorial Award at the 2017 Muse Awards for their collaboration with The Institute Presents: Neurosociety. Introduced in 2004, the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award is considered a "best in show." The award recognizes a project that exemplifies the power of creative imaginat

Yorston & Associates Support Harvard Graduate Design Program

Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Yorston & Associates and their distributor partner, Harbor Sales, supported the Harvard University Graduate School of Design program, Hybrid Formations: Interdisciplinary Design, last fall with a donation of Alumet Supply aluminum sheet metal. Volkan Alkanoglu, Lecturer in Architecture, described the course as a way to examine and implement techniques and strategies for the design of prototype structures out of aluminum sheet metal.

An excerpt from the course description reads:

ZGF Collaboration Cameo No.3 at NYCxDesign

Cameo No.3 Installation at NYCxDesign

Building on its reputation as a nationally recognized, award-winning architecture, design and urban planning firm, a project designed and fabricated by ZGF Architects LLP’s (ZGF) in-house model shop—located in its Portland, Ore. office—is on display this weekend in New York City.

Interactive sculptural lighting installation Cameo No.3 is being featured at the Design Pavilion™ in Times Square May 18th-22nd as part of DuPont’s Corian® display during NYCxDesign, the city’s official design celebration.

Entro To Release "Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years"

Cultivating a Design Legacy

Entro is releasing a book titled "Cultivating a Design Legacy: The First 50 Years" that provides an overview of the first combined 50 years of project history of Entro and Gottschalk+Ash Toronto, the stylistic decades that determined the course of Canadian design, the milestones and the influencers that changed the industry significantly.

Cody Clark Joins RSM Design in Los Angeles

Cody Clark Joins RSM Design

RSM Design is excited to announce that Cody Clark will now be leading their new Los Angeles office.

With 25 years of award-winning experience, Cody joins as Principal and Director, looking to push boundaries with his experience as a global leader of Environmental Graphics. From industry leading projects to publications, speaking engagements and design education, Cody brings the kind of creative innovation RSM Design is known for.


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