Matt Pyke

Matt Pyke

Matt Pyke is a UK based artist and designer. He is the founder and director of Universal Everything, a digital art and design studio inventing new forms of moving image for the screens of the future.

With a background in botanical and technical illustration as well as design and typography, Matt Pyke’s work explores the tension between abstract and figurative form. His expressive, vibrant digital artworks are embodied with emergent life and anthropomorphism.

Matt Pyke
Universal Everything
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Universal Everything Debuts Book and Podcast

Universal Everything Debuts Book and Podcast (image: book)

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Matt Pyke, founder and creative director of Universal Everything (London), calls his studio a “digital art and design collective." And now, after 15 years of revolutionary work in the digital realm, the studio has its first book: "What is Universal Everything?" (Unit Editions, 2019).

“[Universal Everything] creates gorgeous visual spectacles on screen that, while they will never be attained in physical reality, reinterpret the nuances of natural human motion and seem to have a soul, a heartbeat, and the breath of life.” –Vice

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