Peter Andrusko

Architectural Applied Artist with a specialization in Stone, Wood, Glass & Metal

Principal artisan Pete Andrusko explores the art and science of applied architectural arts in the built environment; principally, but not exclusively - in the most traditional of legacy materials: stone, wood, glass & metals.

Peter Andrusko, Andrusko Group
Andrusko Group

Teresa Cox

2015 SEGD Distinguished Member, Teresa Cox was a board member of SEGD from 2010 - 2012.

Responsible for US sales of interior and exterior sign systems, directories, displays and related products at APCO Graphics (previously APCO Sign Systems). Teresa has been with APCO Graphics since 1982 and in her role as President, she leads a team of 21 salespeople, located throughout the US.

Teresa Cox studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Teresa Cox, APCO Signs
APCO Sign Systems
Atlanta, GA

Marcel Machler

Marcel Mächler is said to be the best German trained stone carver in the field

Completing his 1984 - 1987 apprenticeship with honors as “second” best in the State of Baden-Würtemberg, Marcel Mächler has evolved as the most trusted high quality stone carver in the US since then.  Early on in his career his hand carving 8500 letters at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library paved the way for work at both George Bush Sr. and Jr. Presidential Libraries including Presidential Seal bas reliefs and palladium infilled carved letters.

Marcel Mächler, Marcel Machler Inc.
Marcel Machler Carvings
Los Angeles

iZone Imaging

iZone Imaging (Temple, Texas) CEO Mike MacEachern and President Grady Brown announced the promotion of Michael Dean to the position of Director of Sales & Marketing for iZone Imaging. As such, Michael, will work closely with the senior management team to achieve strategic objectives of these departments and continue the growth of iZone Imaging’s custom high pressure laminate products in existing and new markets.


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