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Gary Rosenthal

Gary RosenthalI began sculpting when he dropped out of college over a girl in 1974. Many said Gary Rosenthal had no natural talent but with a lot of hard work, he earning a living melting metal together and he could say he was independently poor by the 1980's. Gary Rosenthal's artistic mission was to create contemporary Judaica that would be beautiful enough to leave out on display even when it was not being used.

Gary Rosenthal, Owner, Classic Glass, Kensington, Maryland
Classic Glass Inc.
Kensington, MD

Danny Roberts

Danny Roberts is an Atlanta Chapter Co-Chair.

Working in Graphic Design, Advertising, Signage & Wayfinding for 25 years, Danny Roberts is Vice President of Advertising & Design at APCO Signs. His responsibilities include Branding & Identity, Marketing Strategy, Print and Collateral Material, Web & Digital Design, National Advertising Campaign, Exhibition Design, Product Design and R&D.

APCO Sign Systems

Jeff Grantz - Navigating Platform Choices

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's 4-6 events a year. Starting from 2014, these videos are available for viewing for members for free. If you are a member please log in (hint: top right below search) if not please join SEGD and experience its amazing resources.

Projection Mapping

Performance Architecture

Using landmark spaces as digital canvas, projection mapping is trompe l'oeil on a gigantic, pulsating scale. Where will it take us next?

Call it projection mapping, pixel mapping, video mapping, or even architecturally registered mapping. It’s known by all those names and more. But the new media format that has been the toast of YouTube—and live audiences worldwide—has broken a major visual barrier and is poised to knock down more walls.

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