Mary Dietrich

The Eighth Annual Patient Experience: Empathy + Innovation Summit took place May 22–24, 2017, at the Cleveland Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Artwork at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

For Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, art is an integral part of its mission to improve outcomes and create positive experiences for patients and their families. But CCHMC’s approach is unique and holistic. With the help of Kolar Design, the hospital engages with patients and the community to create art that promotes healing, supports the CCHMC brand and is fully integrated with interiors and architecture. Read Part 3 in our Art and Healing in Healthcare Environments series.

How can design, and specifically EGD, support and enhance the healing mission in today’s complex healthcare environments?

SEGD Well: Healthcare Innovations Workshop, held last week in Cincinnati, set out to find the answers to that question.

So what are the answers? Well, you kind of had to be there. But we’re willing to share a peek at what you missed.

Clue: It’s much bigger than wayfinding or mobile apps.

SEGD Well Conference Comes to Cincinnati

Design leaders gather at SEGD Well conference to transform patient experiences through innovation and branding

Headshot of Mary Dietrich, Kolar Design

Design Manager Kolar Design Cincinnati

Connect with Mary on LinkedIn or view more of her work at Kolar Design

Building P&G’s In-House Brand

At the world’s largest consumer products company, EGD is helping drive the evolution of a corporate brand.

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