Mark Vevle

Mark Vevle

Mark Vevle is the Studio Director at Exit in Philadelphia.

Mark is the Design Team Leader for an Environmental Graphic Design (EGD) Studio specializing in Wayfinding Signage, Experience Research, Interpretive Exhibits, and Donor Recognition.

Exit Design creates visual communications that help people find their way, tell organizational stories, and discover moments of joy.

Mark Vevle is the Studio Director at Exit in Philadelphia
Exit Design

Open Source

Honor Award 2016
Open Source

Open Source is the largest international art exhibition in Philadelphia’s history, with impactful public art installations created by 14 renowned international artists and 40 events throughout October 2015––positioning the city as an enlightened leader in the global art community.

As part of the exhibition, 14 new public artworks were installed throughout Philadelphia by international artists including JR and Shepard Fairey. The artists engaged with local communities to inform their project directions, some being participatory in the art-making.

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