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SEGD's Best of the Best Content in 2015
Best of the Best SEGD Content in 2015

So much great content, so little time! At SEGD, we’ve created more than 500 new articles in 2015 alone. To save you some time, we compiled a greatest-hits list of the top 20 articles, presentations and videos from SEGD events, the website and eg magazine. Enjoy the SEGD year in review!

Mark VanderKlipp: Ownership and Leadership Transitions

SEGD is an amazing community of designers, fabricators and manufacturers who create experiences that connect people to place. One of the many membership benefits of SEGD is a library of talks from SEGD's 4-6 events a year. Starting from 2014, these videos are available for viewing for members for free. If you are a member please log in (hint: top right below search) if not please join SEGD and experience its amazing resources.

SEGD Business of Design Summit 2015
The Future of Your Design Business

Today’s design landscape poses vastly different challenges than ever before, but also new and exciting possibilities for practitioners willing to be agile, adaptive, and opportunistic. SEGD’s first-ever Business of Design Summit—February 19 in Denver—focused on the hottest issues in design business and how innovative thinkers are shaping their practices for the future.

Photo: Business of Design Summit
Business of Design 2015: Legacy & Transition

Your Company After You

What does your company’s future look like? Will it survive beyond you? Ownership/leadership transition is a hot topic in design today, and in the EGD/XGD community, many owners  are planning their legacies—or should be. Legacy and transition are major themes at SEGD’s Business of Design Summit Feb. 19 in Denver, featuring innovators like Henry Beer (CommArts/Stantec) and Mark VanderKlipp (Corbin Design)!

Corbin Design Creates Wayfinding for Forest Park

Corbin Design (Traverse City, Mich.) designed the new wayfinding signage recently unveiled at Forest Park in St. Louis. The wayfinding program is designed to help 13 million annual visitors navigate the urban park. The system encompasses 239 signs, including directionals, park maps, kiosks, and banners.

Corbin Design

Corbin Design (Traverse City, Mich.) developed a comprehensive wayfinding system for Detroit's COBO Center as part of the center's $300 million upgrade.

Bicycle Trail Signage and Environmental Graphics

Trail Blazers

Guided by the economic downturn, rising gas prices, and the quest for physical fitness, bike trail signage comes of age.

Hablamos Juntos Universal Health Care Symbols

"We Speak Together"

A groundbreaking research effort produces universal symbols for health-care settings—and underscores the value of evidence-based design.

Patients, family members, and other visitors entering the doors of a hospital or other health-care facility face a daunting environment. Between them and their final destination, they will encounter a series of obstacles: multiple elevator banks, long and often identical-looking corridors, complex routes to distant departments or buildings, and often, ineffective wayfinding signage.

Corbin Design

Corbin Design (Traverse City, Mich.) President Mark VanderKlipp earned his accreditation in Evidence-Based Design through the Center for Health Design. His certification brings Corbin Design into a community of healthcare administrators, practitioners, planners, architects, interior designers, and others committed to achieving real-world results in the design of healthcare environments.

Mark VanderKlipp

Mark is the founder of Conduct Experience.

Mark VanderKlipp has been a design professional for 30 years. Twenty four of those years were with Corbin Design, an environmental graphic design firm that specializes in wayfinding systems for healthcare, higher education and civic clients. Mark VanderKlipp served in leadership positions for 21 of those years, 13 as its president.

Corbin Design, Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics for Northwestern Academic Medical Center
Corbin Design

Corbin Design was established in Traverse City, Michigan in 1976. Since then, we have earned a reputation as a leader in wayfinding and signage design throughout North America. We employ 12 people, including seven designers and three project managers. In 2002, we became employee-owned, giving each staff member an increased stake in the success of our firm and its clients. Our wayfinding clients include 110 medical centers, 60 cities and towns and 40 colleges and universities.

The Next Generation - Q&A
Mark VanderKlipp: Ownership and Leadership Transitions
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