Laura Gunther

Laura Gunther

Laura Gunther loves tackling puzzles – from the daily crossword to complex wayfinding challenges.

Laura Gunther has over 15 years of experience in exhibit and communications design, with a focus on branded environments, information graphics, and wayfinding. Laura enjoys building visual vocabularies, which allow for play, flexibility, and unity when designing for all sizes and experiences – from large spaces down to tiny icons.

Laura Gunther
New York

Dream Cube

Honor Award
Dream Cube: 2010 World Expo Shanghai Corporate Pavilion, Shanghai Corporate Community, ESI Design

Dream Cube: 2010 World Expo Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

ESI Design collaborated with the Shanghai corporate community and a group of world-renowned architects and artists to design the 40,000-sq.-ft. Dream Cube for the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The pavilion encouraged visitors to participate in a multimedia experience comprised of cutting-edge technology, dreamlike environments, collaborative social spaces, and sustainably designed materials.

ESI Design
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