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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Vice President of Business Development with the PWG (Photo Works Group) a boutique EGD implementor and creative solutions provider of way-finding solutions, large format, printed dye-sub fabrics, and fabrication solutions. Living in Ashland, Virginia in a 1907 antique home, exploring MidAtlantic, Washington D.C., and eastern seaboard markets Mark collaborates with a network of architectural, corporate, higher learning, and museum clients.

Mark Smith
Richmond, VA

Mark Kenny

I am a British expat with a background in large format printing. I part owned a large format print shop in Birmingham, England, and I have a great deal of experience in creating specialized products for maximizing customer engagement. I relocated to Seattle in 2014, where I have continued working in the industry while gaining a wealth of knowledge in the local market. In particular I excel at collaborating with architects, construction companies, and agencies to create complex environmental projects that bring a finished artistic vision to life.

Mark Kenny
Seattle, WA

Tru Vue

The Company

At Tru Vue, we offer innovative acrylic and glass products that protect and enhance your message and design. Our products deliver the best platform for communicating your graphics, branding and messages. 

Tru Vue specialty glass and acrylic products deliver functional benefits (abrasion resistance, impact resistance, easy clean, UV blockage to help protect from fading) as well as aesthetic benefits (image clarity, anti-reflective). Our products are designed to solve for your design challenges. 


Dixie Graphics

Dixie Graphics has a 25-year history of manufacturing beautiful architectural signage and donor recognition plaques for design firms and sign companies.  With capabilities touching all aspects of interior wayfinding and recognition programs, DG specializes in projects in which quality is valued at its highest level.


Adherettes is a leading specialist in signage and built-brand applications with unique in-house expertise in industrial design. This lets us turn concepts into workable signage. We’re able to manage design, manufacture and installation all under one roof, letting us build in quality and design longevity, reducing the need for repair and maintenance.


bluemedia is the industry leader in décor, custom fabrication and experiential activations for brands, agencies, events and venues across the United States. We’re a team of creatives, engineers, managers, rule breakers and list-checkers. It’s our passion to work alongside the world’s leading designers, architects and brands to bring their visions to life from concept to execution.

Karen May

Karen May is Vice President of NCG Visuals located in NYC. NCG Visuals is a full service large format visual production agency. In a nutshells, NCG Visuals produces everything from environmental graphics including, dimensional signage, window displays, conference room privacy graphics, office and store branding, large format signage, building wraps, event signage and speciality projects. Anything.

Karen May
NCG Visuals
New York

Direct Embed Powder Coated Graphics Leading 2.0 Projects | Murals for Building Facades and Garages

Direct Embed Powder Coated Graphics Leading 2.0 Projects | Murals for Building Facades and Garages

Read Time: 1 minute
Direct Embed has had an incredible 2021 with the expansion of our 2.0 campaign to move powder coated graphics into architecture, exhibition and placemaking solutions. Architects and designers have found new opportunities for powder coated graphics which have led to amazing projects.

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