Lance Wyman

1992 SEGD Fellow.

Lance Wyman is considered one of the most influential graphic designers of our time, and is credited with helping to define the field of environmental graphic design. He founded Lance Wyman 1979 and has focused his work primarily on branding/wayfinding systems for public environments.

His graphic system for the 1968 Mexico City Olympicshas been cited as “one of the most successful in the evolution of visual identification.”

Lance Wyman's early landmark work also includes branding/wayfinding for the Mexico City Metro, the National Zoo, and the Minnesota Zoo, which TIME magazine selected as one of the 10 best designs of 1981. His other successful public communication systems have included the original map for the Washington, D.C., Metro, branding and wayfinding signage for pedestrian skywalk systems in Calgary and Edmonton, the Amtrak High Speed Rail facility at Pennsylvania Station, the St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal in New York, the American Museum of Natural History, and the New Mexico RailRunner railway system, among many others.

Read what Lance has to say about the design of the Sochi  and Olympic brandingtoday and view the blog of articleson Lance and his work on

View Lance's work at Lance Wyman Ltdand connect with him on LinkedIn.


Lance Wyman - The Visual Diaries

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When I was first approached to chair the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience Miami, I imagined the draw for everyone would be the amazing weather and location. Upon digging in and learning more about the designers and projects occurring both in Miami and South America, I was impressed by how much design innovation and expertise we could feature.

Lance Wyman's Sketchbook

Lance Wyman's Sketchbook

In 2012, SEGD asked me to create a limited-edition poster celebrating its 40th anniversary. I was inspired by the notion of SEGD’s passage into a new era, and I tried to communicate the idea of forward motion. The idea of passing through—of being at a crossroads—made sense to me, and that’s why I combined the “4” and the “0” in such a way that they form a full circle.


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