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Jim Redington

Jim Redington is a Senior Designer at Kiku Obata & Company in St Louis.

He has been with the company for 16 years. Before joining Kiku Obata & Company Jim Redingtn worked for Communication Arts for four years and HOK for four years

Jim Redington is a Senior Designer at Kiku Obata & Company in St Louis
Kiku Obata & Company
St. Louis

Concord Mills

Merit Award
Concord Mills, The Mills Corporation, Kiku Obata & Company

Concord Mills is a 1.4-million-square-foot retail and entertainment center by the Mills Corporation. The design concept is based on regional imagery, celebrating North Carolina's crafts, festivals, nature, music, sports and traditions. One major design challenge was keeping the overall design concept in place while the building was constantly evolving as new tenants were added. In addition, maintaining design integrity through fabrication and installation was a challenge given the short timeframe and the multitude of construction people working simultaneously on the project.

Kiku Obata & Company

Madrid Xanadu

Honor Award
Madrid Xanadu, The Mills, Kiku Obata + Company

Madrid Xanadu is the largest entertainment and retail destination in Europe and even includes Europe's largest indoor snow sports facility. The design objective was to create a world-class shopping and entertainment destination where architecture and design combine to engage imagination and create an exceptional experience.

Kiku Obata & Company
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