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Jessica Barness

Jessica Barness is an Associate Professor in the School of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. Her research resides at the intersection of design, humanistic inquiry, and interactive technologies, investigated through a critical, practice-based approach. She is also involved in ongoing projects connecting sound studies and design. As an educator, she focuses on interdisciplinary projects that connect communication design with the areas of architecture, museum studies, entrepreneurship, and the sciences.

Jessica Barness
Kent, Ohio

Jordan Kauffman

Jordan Kauffman is a graphic designer that is experienced in both designing for print & web. Particularly interested in design for the social good and the integration of design and education. He is always looking for new projects & opportunities, and is passionate about education and believe that it is a life long commitment, not something that you just do in school. Jordan believes in design for the social good, meaning he strives to do design work that benefits others.

Jordan Kauffman, Kent State University
Goshen, Indiana

Josh Graef

Josh Graef is a current environmental design student and prospective industrial design student at Kent State University.

Josh Graef is a multidisciplinary maker and builder. He is passionate about making things, solving problems and working with great people. He is currently studying Visual Communication Design at Kent State University. He intends to continue his education in graduate school, studying Industrial Design.

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Josh Graef
East Palestine, OH

Nicole Neuman

Nicole Neuman is a recent graduate of Kent State University with a BA in Visual Communication Design. Nicole enjoys working with others on collaborative pieces, solving problems, and coming up with great design solutions. She is well versed in many areas of design including environmental graphic design, and motion design. She has also recently discovered a passion for photography and enjoys experimenting with movement and abstract compositions.

Nicole Neauman, Ken State University
Chagrin Falls

Justin Morken

Justin Morken attends Kent State University, where he is pursuing a master's degree in User Experience (UX) design and where he maintains a 4.0 GPA. Justin previously obtained a bachelor's degree from the Metropolitan State University in music, communications, and cultural studies.

Justin Morken, Kent State University
Fruitland, ID

Molly Lawrence

Molly Lawrence is a Cleveland-based illustrator and designer. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in illustration. Currently, she is an adjunct instructor of graphic design and illustration in the school of Visual Communication Design at Kent State University and is an MFA candidate studying graphic design, illustration, and environmental graphic design.

View Molly Lawrence's portfolio at

Molly Lawrence, Kent State University
Kent, OH

Rachel Kozy

Rachel Kozy is currently a senior at Kent State University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. Although she loves all aspects of design, she is especially interested in branding and typography. She is a passionate, hard-working designer who loves collaborating with others. She has interned with MTV in New York City and Go Media in Cleveland, Ohio and is always looking for new opportunities to meet and work with others.

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Katie Panneton

Kate Panneton is graphic designer at Kent State University Office of Student Media

Hello! I am a junior at Kent State University pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design with minors in Advertising and Photo-Illustration. I am a visual learner who loves to make people happy. I take pride in all the work I do and will stop at nothing to satisfy those I design for. Communication, time management and good work ethic are all very important when it comes to being a successful designer. Everyday is a new learning experience in which I consume to make myself a better designer.

Katie Panneton, Kent State University

Ann Klewer

Ann Klewer is a creative and active thinker who enjoys working independently and collaborating with fellow designers. Communication, good work ethic, in-depth research, timeliness and strategy are elements of the design business and she strives to challenge myself to develop these qualities toward a higher level everyday.

Ann Klewer, Kent State University

Allison Frasier

I'm Allison Frasier and I am a Graphic Designer with a passion for all things creative. I am currently attending Kent State University, and in May of 2015 I received my BFA in Visual Communication Design. When I'm not designing you can find me enjoying spicy food, fuzzy socks, good company, and of course Netflix. My positive outlook on life allows me to approach all projects with a smile, and embrace every challenge I am presented with.

Allison Frasier, Kent State University


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