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Updating the MUTCD: Balancing Uniformity and Flexibility

Updating the MUTCD: Balancing Uniformity and Flexibility

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Published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD) defines the standards of road markings, traffic signals and highway signs across the United States—including public wayfinding and placemaking signage. Currently, the FHWA is updating the manual’s 2009 edition with proposed amendments to the Community Wayfinding section. In response, SEGD’s “Community Wayfinding Signage Working Group” is helping to ensure that the proposed changes clarify the current regulations and help support the work of designers for their clients.

Notre Dame Stadium Enhancement

Merit Award 2019
Notre Dame Stadium Enhancement

Two million bricks, 160 days. The year is 1930 and Knute Rockne, legendary coach and pioneer of modern football, oversees the construction of the University of Notre Dame’s Football Stadium in just 160 days. “The House that Rockne Built” would go on to see the storied program achieve 11 National Championships. Eighty-five years later, with only one significant renovation, Notre Dame wanted to complete a major stadium experiential design enhancement.

2015 Podcast | Detailing 101

Podcast Keith Davis


What you will learn

Learn best practice methods for developing 2D and 3D detail drawings for design intent documentation packages!

Course presenter and expert on detailing, Keith Davis,will walk you through the fundamentals of detailing: drawing types, methodologies, notation and best practices for your documentation process.

This presentation is targeted as an introductory overview of Design Detailing best practice methods in the context of 2D and 3D Design Intent Documentation for EGD. 

Podcast | Demystified: Specs for EGD

Podcast - Mastering Specifications, Keith Davis and Grady Brown

What you will learn:
The goal of this Video Podcast is to gain a better overall understanding of design specifications in the context of EGD Design Intent Documentation. In other words: How do we respect the "spec"?

Case study spec example using CHPL (iZone Imaging Product)

Questions Answered: 
•What are specifications?
•Where are they located?
•What kinds are there?
•Why are they important?
•How they make or break a design

Keith Davis

My mission is to understand the needs and wants of creative professionals and to partner with them in developing their visions into tangible products. It is my task to establish and clearly define design intent through the creation of comprehensive design documentation drawings and preserve its integrity through implementation.

My job is to be the "go-to" resource for taking your creative concepts through completion on the most complicated projects.

Keith Davis
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