Kate Owen

Kate Owen

Kate Owen is the Managing Director of Futago in Tasmania, Australia.

As Senior Designer and original co-founder, Kate Owen leads the creative direction and drives innovation in design and the graphic approach in responding to Futago's client briefs. Kate Owen has an appreciation for all areas of design, established from her dual degree in architecture and environmental design, as well as her interest in the arts.

Kate Owen is the Managing Director of Futago in Tasmania, Australia

Here Together, We Are Home

Finalist 2020
Here Together, We Are Home

A public art commission collaboration, aimed to elevate the status of a disadvantaged community, has created an iconic entry for the city of Clarence Plains using the powerful words; “Here, Together, Welcome, Home.”

Commissioned by the ‘One Community Together’ change project, this project aims to create entry signage that welcomes people to ‘Clarence Plains’. Community members had identified that to reduce the stigma of this disadvantaged community, there needed to be greater respect for place.

Futago, Karen Larsen

Battery Point Sculpture Trail

By the Numbers

Futago designs interpretive sculptures to mark an historic waterfront trail.

If you zoom in on a map of Tasmania, the island state 240 kilometers south of Australia, and find its capital city of Hobart, you can just about make out the blunt promontory south of town.

Named after the battery of guns established there in 1818 to defend the coast, Battery Point shelters Hobart’s deep-water port to the north and looks south toward Storm Bay and beyond, to the route popular with Antarctic expeditions.

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