Kahler Slater

Snap-on Museum Experience

Merit Award 2015

With its 100-year anniversary approaching, iconic toolmaker Snap-on wanted to celebrate its success with the people who made it possible: its employees and its loyal and passionate customer base. And of course to stay on-brand, Snap-on needed the right tool for the job.

Snap-on worked with Kahler Slater (Milwaukee) to create the Snap-on Museum, a new experience in the company’s Kenosha, Wisc., headquarters. The 4,350-square-foot space doubles as a corporate museum and special-event dining room.

Kahler Slater

Metal in EGD

The Power of Metal

More malleable than stone, stronger than glass, and nobler than synthetic materials, metal expresses quality and permanence. 

For thousands of years, blacksmiths have fabricated metal works of impressive scale and fluidity. Iron was first forged in the Middle East around 1900 BC and arrived in Europe by 1200 BC. In colonial America, the blacksmith was an essential member of every community. From the creation of ancient weaponry to utilitarian and decorative architectural features, metal work is both art and craft.

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