JUNE 2015

Philadelphia University starts new M.S in Surface Imaging

MS in Surface Imaging, Philadelphia University

Philadelphia University has a long history of textile making, a craft that has morphed into digital printing of textiles and then became a center of excellence for surface imaging. The University has now started a Master of Science Program in Surface Imaging with a focus on Environmental Graphic Design. If you are thinking of going into sign fabrication or want to become an expert in the art of surface imaging, this course is for you.

Leviathan Renders "The Connected City" for Jabil

In April, the $18B, 200,000-person, 45-year-old design, manufacturing and supply chain company Jabil Circuit, Inc., successfully introduced itself into global discussions about modern product development and manufacturing processes. With the successful grand opening of Blue Sky Center, Jabil's new 100,000-square-foot design and demo facility in San Jose, Calif., the company's abilities to help big brands and startups accelerate innovation are growing – and leading in many exciting new directions.

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