July 2013

Matt Williams named Executive Vice President of Dixie Graphics

Photo of Matt Williams of Dixie Graphics

Dixie Graphics (Nashville) announced that Matt Williams has been named Executive Vice President of the company as part of a restructuring to better serve customers in its existing and future growth markets. Formerly VP Business Development, Williams will oversee the company’s constant improvement and client-based direction, says company President Pat Meadows. Williams has been with the company since 2004. 

Lorenc+Yoo Design - Delta Flight Museum

Photo of wayfinding at New Orleans Hyatt

Lorenc+Yoo Design (Roswell, Ga.) announced it will design the exhibits for the new Delta Flight Museum, opening at Delta Airlines’ headquarters in Atlanta in summer 2014. The $6 million renovation will refurbish the 1940s-era airplane hanger in which the museum is currently housed. It will continue to feature airplanes from Delta’s history, including single-engine propeller planes from Delta’s early days and the “Spirit of Delta,” a Boeing 767 jumbo jet purchased in the 1980s by Delta employees.


Photo of identity for Luminato Festival in Toronto

Pentagram (worldwide) helped launch the 2013 Luminato Festival in Toronto with a colorful new identity designed by Michael Bierut and team.

In honor of its 40th anniversary, Pentagram was invited to present an exhibition at the 7th Ningbo International Design Biennial in Ningbo, China. Conceived and designed by Natasha Jen and her team, Pentagram Remixed puts a new spin on their portfolio.

Alexander Isley

Program journal for TEDMED

Alexander Isley Inc. (West Redding, Conn.) once again was a part of the communications team for TEDMED, the annual gathering focused on the future of health and medicine. The centerpiece of the firm’s work was the program journal, which showcased this year’s 57 speakers. The Isley team worked with students and instructors from RISD’s school of fine arts to create a series of varied and compelling portraits that reflected the interests and passions of the presenters.

Carbone Smolan Agency

Carbone Smolan Agency (New York) worked with Carnegie to relaunch the brand when the company released a plant-based version of its legacy product Xorel, a high-performance textile. CSA recommended video as the medium, celebrating Xorel's organic property with vivid imagery and a playful tagline. By simultaneously shooting still photos and video, CSA optimized resources while ensuring visual continuity from the video to print campaign.

Cloud Gehshan Associates Completed University of Texas San Antonio System

Photo of wayfinding at University of Texas San Antonio

Cloud Gehshan Associates (Philadelphia) has completed a signage and wayfinding system at the University of Texas San Antonio. The system includes vehicular and pedestrian directionals, orientation stations, sheltered kiosks, and building identification signs. Architectural gateways of local limestone and glass were recently installed, marking the entrance to the 600-acre campus.

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