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Convergence: 2014 SEGD Conference

Convergence: 2014 SEGD Conference

Design Forces Converge at the 2014 SEGD Conference in Atlanta

Ideas, cultures, disciplines, and geographies converged in Atlanta June 5-7 for the 2014 SEGD Conference themed Convergence: Crossing Lines.

Just as Atlanta is a city that has been shaped dramatically by social, cultural, and historical forces, design is continuing to shape and reshape itself as disciplines, technologies, and social changes collide.

Podcast | Creating Effective Design Guidelines

Podcast John Muhlhausen


What you will learn

John Muhlhausen,one of the founders and leaders of SEGD, is back! Hear him speak on one of the foundations of environmental graphic design: developing design guidelines. Guidelines codify your design intent and ensure that future users maintain design consistency. Using leading design guidelines from the past and guidelines from corporate, transportation, other wayfinding, and branding projects, John shows you what it takes to create a complete and long-lasting design guideline.

John Muhlhausen

1995 Angel Award honoree and SEGD President 1987-1988

Muhlhausen is President of Muhlhausen Design and Associates, a Roswell, Ga.-based design consultancy he founded in 1975. MD&A provides wayfinding analysis and planning services for health care and transportation facilities.

John Muhlhausen, MD&A
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