Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop is the President + Owner of ASI in Kenner, Louisiana.

Louisiana’s rich heritage of culture, architecture, and the arts continue to influence ASI, Louisiana’s purposeful design aesthetic and signage solutions. From the 18th century Old World backdrop of the French Quarter, to the genteel Garden District, to Acadiana’s Cajun joie de vivre, the area is full of inspiration and motivation.

Jim Bishop is the President + Owner of ASI in Kenner, Louisiana
Kenner, LA

Dell Children's Medical Center

On Axis with Nature

A new children's hospital with LEED ambitions takes an organic approach to wayfinding.

It’s not often that hospital wayfinding systems are created from the ground up, but when new construction is involved, designers have a rare opportunity to integrate wayfinding cues into the architectural fabric of the building. And when that hospital is built to LEED standards, a whole new vocabulary of materials and processes is created.

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