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Cloud Gehshan Celebrates 35 Years of Design Innovation

Cloud Gehshan Celebrates 35 Years of Design Innovation

Cloud Gehshan is celebrating 35 years of innovative, creative and thoughtful work that yields accessible experiences and memorable places.

Founded in 1986, SEGD Fellows Jerome Cloud and Virginia Gehshan have grown CG into a nationally recognized design firm. Principals Ian Goldberg and Matt Cavalier have since joined our ownership team and continue to create iconic, award-winning and imaginative solutions for the natural and built environments.

2021 NEXPOtalks, Fellow Talks

SEGD Fellow Talks

Virginia Gehshan, FSEGD, SEGD Past President, Partner Cloud Gehshan
Jerome Cloud, FSEGD, Partner Cloud Gehshan
Anna Crider, Partner, Entro, SEGD President, Moderator

You are invited for an intimate Q&A with SEGD Fellows Virginia and Jerome. Cloud Gehshan Associates may be best known for its groundbreaking work on large, multi-component projects such as university campuses, medical centers, and park systems. Their work integrates identity, storytelling, signage, and information systems in a process they call placebranding.

SEGD's 2019 Wayfinding & Placemaking Event in Philadelphia, August 1-2

2019 SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event takes place in Philadelphia, PA, August 1-2.

PHILADELPHIA—Wayfinding & Placemaking design continue to be the heart of experiential graphic design practice worldwide. The SEGD Wayfinding & Placemaking event in Philadelphia on August 1-2 is poised to bring participants and an international panel of speakers together to tour, connect, discuss and discover urban, regional, campus and transportation signage design.

Spring Garden Connector

Finalist 2019
Spring Garden Connector

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation was eager to improve the connection between several Philadelphia neighborhoods and the Delaware River. The Spring Garden Connector was notoriously dimly lit, dingy, depressing and it didn’t feel safe. The challenge was to transform the underpass into a safer and more welcoming connection to the waterfront, a major transit station, bike share hub and river trail.

Placemaking and Peacemaking at a Living Memorial

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

Memorials are a delicate balancing act, an uncomfortable abstraction made real in stone and bronze. They must pay tribute to the dead while relaying history and inspiring hope in future generations of the living. They must eloquently tell a story, create a memorable place and mark a moment in time. The new American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial does all those things, with a substantial addition. This memorial was designed to celebrate the living.

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

Merit Award 2015
American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial is the first national memorial dedicated to the 3.5 million veterans living with permanent disabilities. As described by President Obama at the October 2014 dedication ceremony, “From this day forward, Americans will come to this place and ponder the immense sacrifice made on their behalf; the heavy burden borne by a few so that we might live in freedom and peace.”

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